Lulu Tank Mastery

Hi, I love to play Lulu fulltank support with frozen Heart, Banshees and stuff. But i always struggle with my Keystone Mastery Point. Without any damage Items the Ferocity Tree is no option. In Cunning Stormraiders and thunderlords are again out because i never have more than 25 AP with my builds, its just not worth it. I´d love to run Windspeakers but my Ult doesnt work with it. Same Problem with Courage of the Collosus which doesnt trigger on Hex. It would fit my Build perfectly but with just Lulus Ult triggering it is way to hard to reliable activate... What do you think? Should these Masteries trigger with the Spells i mentioned? As far as i know Lulu is the only champion with a hex, so you could just add that to the rules. Would be harder with Windspeakers though... The other 2 Keystones, Grasp and Bond of stone are both mediocre since even when building Fulltank you cant get enough defensie stats to use their effects. Anybody some ideas what could work best?
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