Okay,this is the last stroke...i despise Riven

So yesterday, i was playing Renekton vs Riven in toplane and early game goes well in my favor.I managed to push the creep wave and hit the level 2 before her.She finnaly hits level 2 under her tower and tries to go all in on me,but i had my fury built up and 2 creep waves in my favor so i stun her and Q combo ,she barely lives as she flashes my last auto, but then her jungler shows up and my ward expires so i had to go back to base because i was also low on hp and she still had ignite. I came back to lane,she was pushing and i called my jungler to gank her. We tried to gank and kill her,but somehow she barely runs away with 100 hp left.After that we both come to lane i had ninja tabi and bami cinder as items and she had 3 long swords +early boots.We were both level 6,then she suddenly dash into me with her ult activated,i couldnt use my ult as she stunned me but then i was forced to flash and my ult finnaly pops as she continue to follow me with flash and Q knockup and then while i was knocked up,she ignites me and end my life with the wind slash. After that she towerdives me over and over and snowballs out of control.My 4 heavy armor items late game was just nullifed by her,and after that game i was in disbelief for the whole day and lost my desire to continiue playing... And yes i hate Riven,to those of u who constatly see my threads about her,i hate her. I always hated her from the moment when i first started to play this game.I despise her with every inch of my soul and my body.And i know that Riven players and Riven mains will downvote this thread,but that wont change the very fact that her kit is overloaded compared to the all champions in League of Legends. I am sorry for the long post.{{champion:92}} {{item:3751}} {{item:3751}} {{item:3751}}
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