The precision runes are mostly for adc tier... , i mean most of the runes are maked around precision , how ever , i don't understand why the conqueror ,isn't actually that effective working for people who play adc... , i would really love to play it more ,as before the old runes with fear of battle where so damn good for some champions in particular , likely jinx... , who dosn't need press the atack , neither .. lethal tempo ,fleet fotwork , more much damage from runes would be such good for her... ,problem is that she can't use that rune , because everyone who just plays to safe and step out in them tower staying behind your attack range ... ,just makes your conqueror reset so easy... , and is just terrible feeling , even if i would love to play with ... , I one would love a new rune for adc champions , one who offer damage , for them , not for melee users only... , conqueror really fails when it comes about adc synergy ... , i really understand it would be broken if draven would benefit from it , but some champions could actually have more sustain having more damage ... , and not having to run out of enemy in such cases just to pull kite and kill enemy if they have no cc for engage me as adc... , in my opinnion adc role always was about being some likely an assasin , who have range and can deal lot's of damage late game .. ,but would love some option to get more much damage dealt when extending fights... , most of runes don't do that... , and is likely adc can't benefit on long terms because of that ... ,all runes have speciall effects who expire... , or can't be used again when switching targets. Most of adc players and main players ,will admit that adc , can't hold just a target... , sometimes he have to swap multiple targets ... ,which in teory means that runes aren't in particular making adc viable with them , in teory if you would have to use viable runes most of the time you would just run fleet footworks , and lethal tempo , i one bored of using those runes most of the time , i want to have damage ,to poke nicely enemy , to benefit from taking early kills and do something alone or not without my team , i want to have that damage ,which assasins use to finish them targets , that's what i want , i no want to run of enemy cause i have no damage to kite and kill them .. , if i am anyway death i want to make myself usefull ,maybe i kill him , but right now ,most of the time adc runs... , late game you have to run , early ,mid game you have to run , it's really sad sometimes when you realise that adc is not anymore considered a semi mobile assasin ,where enemy should be afraid of it ,i really want to feel like enemy sees adc as a threat and a potential high damage dealer. right now playing adc , you are sadly not enought impactful over games , the only impact you could have , is if you farm perfectly and have full build before late game , which is min 30... , if you ain't challenger/grandmaster etc... , and you don't farm perfect , you really can't do that much in a game as adc... , you need kills and mostly items to actually be in line with others and do something in games , you haven't got kills and didn't excel that good with farm.. So can we make adc a little bit stronger in it's role ?? , he would suppouse to be squishy and strong into killing enemy , what he can be usefull at ,when he just can be strong late game ,and the late game most of time don't exist , and most of the time the late game have stronger champions than it , who can kill him more much easy... , and end the game ... , so basically , you play one game to only be 1 shot by zed , or rengar or what ever is in late game strong , he just 1 shot and you farm and did nothing all the game , lossing the game.
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