Akali Rework big ?

Hello, i'm TheStiiv, Platinum elo Akali main. Have something over 500k mastery score on Akali. I just finished playing all champions in assassin rework on pbe (nice work there), and my question is, why is Akali nerfed to the ground compared to other assassins ? This is not one of the "my favourite champion is nerfed, mom help" post, this is real talk. So basicly Akali got nerf on her pasive, on her E and R cooldowns. First of, let's talk pasive. The pasive was key to her laning phase, spellvamp was giving her some sustain + with some runes and masteries tweak she could survive hard laning phase, and bonus magic dmg was helping from get pushed in tower. Now when spell vamp is removed, and bonus dmg is delayed to second attack, + cooldown on top of all that, makes her pasive useless, and she will be outsustained by Cassiopeia's Q+E abilities. Next is her W, blink is nice to have, but almost everything else is the same, that ablitiy have much more potenical. Now her E, i'm not really sure, but i think dmg is slightly bigger, but in cost of cooldown. Her E on 1 second cooldown was key against hard push midlaners, I used to max it first in those scenarios and be able to wave clear, now on 3 seconds cooldown at max level, it's pointless to max it first. And to finish with her R, which got nerfed on cooldown and AP ratio. I'm not ok with either of that two. And to sum up on all of that, all the changes are big nerfs to Akali, and her ways to play through the lanning phase. If we consider that manaless AP assasins have poor itemization options, plus removing spellvamp and bonus magic dmg from AD, makes Gunblade (a signature item for Akali) barely gold efficient. Now, from bad laning phase she gets worse laning phase, from "if i survive 6 levels, i can do something in this game" gets to "if i survive 6 levels, maybe i can survive some more" and etc. Akali is good the way she is on live servers now, and reworking her based of bronze and silver gameplay is just wrong, becuse in higher eloes she is really hard to play, after all this changes her low playrate will become even lower.
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