My experiences in lower elo

Hi there, plat 2 player here. Some days ago I finally got another account into level 30 so I could play ranked on it. I did this for a number of reasons, mainly to have a place to go to when I didn't wanna play with friends, but didn't have to lie and make them sad either, so that's the main reason if anyone from Riot ask. Now, I might just be terrible at the game, but I actually found it quite hard in lower elo, almost comparable to my current, not because of skilled players. The opposite. Now, this is not a rant about how silvers are so bad and stuff, no, this is meant to open your eyes. I made it to plat myself and I even started in bronze 1 in season 3, so I've been all over the place. Except diamond... Sigh Now, here are the main things I see people in lower elo does wrong compared to people in higher elo, not in any specific order nor implying these are things all players in that elo does. 1: Map awareness. I could litereally be pinging the enemy jungler who I spotted on a ward on his way to bot and they wouldn't react at all. Big issue. Gotta work on that. 2: Supports need to ward, no matter what kind of support you are. Vision is the most valuable thing in league, just look at one game at worlds, you'll find wards EVERYWHERE. But not only the support. Use your goddamn trinket and don't leave base without a pink, unless you have to wait for it. 3: You are not a f****** god. Realize that your team isn't the problem when you lose 10 games in a row. It's you. You are the only variable that you can change. Trying to change your teammates are like turning the air conditioning on with open windows, the hottest day of june. If you don't change, you'll keep losing 4: Jungler, take your camps. I see it almost every game. All camps are up and the jungler is doing something other than ganking. I really don't know what or why. And also, if your jungler clears his camps, don't take them from him. You taking gromp, losing 20 minions bot in the process is NOT worth. 5: Stop surrendering. I had this issue on my main account all the way to gold 2, sometimes after. The only time you should surrender is if you all are dead and they are at your base with baron, 3 earht dragons and elder drake. Maybe not that much, but unless you are going to lose, litereally lose as in the nexus will be broken before you revive, don't surrender. Every game can be won and that mentality is so dumb. You tilt, you think it's lost, you start playing worse because you don't even care anymore. Stop it. I don't even like the concept of surrendervotes, but you starting one 20:00,00001 into the game because the enemy mid is 1 kill ahead, even though your jungler, top and bot are winning? I have a hard time understanding this mentality. Really. 6: KDA is not a way to see how good a player is. Learn it. My friend from diamond 2, former master (He'll reach it again, I believe), used to have a score that was really bad, but he won every single game despite that. I knew why. He played Zillian mid. Watching him zone the enemy, pressuring with his ult, those 1 tick ults on the adc that makes you wanna quit life. He's score wasn't bad, but it wasn't 12/0 either. A jax splitting top, pushing the entire lane down, getting an inhib, then repeating bot can win you the game, despite having a 1/7/2 score. 6.1: The amount of kills you have is not a way to see how good you are. 2 main factors here, kp (kill participation) and damage dealt to champions. You might be 12/0/1, but you have 1 assist, while the jungler has a 4/1/28 score. That is so much better than your score. And checking damage dealt, seeing that tank jungler has dealt more damage than you, you closing in at the support braum in damage. See that is the real issue here. Focus on those, judge by those. The amount of kills you have is worthless. 7: It doesn't matter who gets the kill. The phrase "don't ks" is... just so dumb. If the enemy mid is running down river and you are about to solo kill her and I aa her once and she dies, you shouldn't get mad. That is 150 more gold in the bank. You should of course always try to give kills to the carry, but not always. Unless someone is playing Draven. Their kill, don't even think about touching it. Not even joking. 8: Shouldn't come as a surprise, but mute all flamers. All chat is fun and all, but unless you are using it as psycological warfare, don't use it. Waste of time. You don't need to reply to someone after you die and they write "iz", just mute them. People don't actually do this for some reason. 9: Realize it takes time. Your skill in lol are mostly based on how much you've played it. The more you play, the better you get. Stop trying to reach for the top of the tree when you can't even sit straight up. Just some tips for bronze-lower gold. Not saying this applies to everyone, but it does to many in my experience.
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