Game is unbalanced @Riot

Supports - With the recent updates supports got nerfed alot - {{champion:43}} {{champion:40}} - example. I understand that support were really powerful with that 6 seconds shield duration but 2,5 sec duration for a shield is pretty small. In fact you cannot protect your adc from the damage since this items got buffed - {{item:3031}} . Many tanks deal a huge amounts of damage and with that small duration of the shield your adc is pretty much dead after 2 or 3 seconds which is not something nice. Maybe that's why people think that adc is not viable anymore. By nerfing supports shield you are also downgrading adc's because support and adc work together to win their lane.An adc without support is nothing and its most likely to die. By nerfing support shields you also open a huge window to a assasins like - {{champion:91}} to one shot your adc. Im not saying its a bad idea to nerf support shields but at least give them a proper shield duration - not 2,5 seconds. Or you can make the shield duration a little bit more in the late game. - example 3,0 seconds. Because in late game - okay i will say in the 25 min because there is no late game anymore - Everything deals more damage compared from the first minutes of the game - and because of that you need more defence. I dont get it why Janna got decaying shield - i get it that she gets bonus AD when she presses her shield but that can be nerfed instead of getting decaying shield. Also these items got big nerfs - {{item:3114}} it gives 5% Heal and Shield power which in my opinion its so little. You can at least make it 8% Heal and Shield Power to make it not so useless. I myself think right now ADC's are in so bad shape right now - giving them more base Health wont solve the problem - we already saw that. Nerfing their defensive stats - ? why? By fixing the supports you will fix the adc's too because like i said. ADC's play around their supports. ___ I also want to talk about the tanks in bot lane - tanks like {{champion:12}} {{champion:412}} . I mean they are really good tanks dont get me wrong. But The build path dont give you enough HP - and i know that You get souls from Thresh that give you additional armor and Alistar Ultimate gives you additional Magic resist and Armor but the items dont give you enough HP. {{champion:412}} - Thresh is very good at engaging enemy champions but with not enough HP he dies quickly. His kit is made to go in the enemy team and lock them with his ultimate. Alot of people say - then build different items like - {{item:3742}} Well the problem of building non-support items is because of their cost. They cost alot more than the normal support item. And supports get only the half-gold in the game because they dont farm. Their items are made to get gold because they dont farm. There a few ways to make the tanks tanky - the first way is to change something in the build path of the item to give more HP. This is the most common way. The second way is to increase the gold from the support items. That way tanks will be able to buy non-supportive items like - {{item:3742}} {{item:3143}} which will give them more HP and defence. And the third option is to make the non-supportive items cost less but i dont think that is a good idea because it will mess up the game and nobody would like that. Nobody have to say yes to my idea - im just giving it. I just want the tanks to be fixed and support that have shields to be properly optimized. I forgot to say that top lane tanks deal too much damage - When somebody says tanks - in my head is this - **They should be tanky but do less damage** And thats what they should be - they should be damage soakers with less damage. I dont know what the balance team is trying to do but the game is in pretty bad shape right now. My advice for the supports is to make their shields a little bigger to compensate the 2,5 duration just like you did with lee sin > {{champion:64}} ___ I also wanted to say a thing or two for turrets. Turrets right now are so bad - They dont have enough defenses - many people say that turrets are papers and thats what they are - By the time you go to bot lane your mid turret is already destroyed - the amount of time to get 1 turret destroyed is 10 seconds. The turrets should be something that protects you - they do miserable damage when 2 or 3 more people gank you. And often the one of the 2 enemy players dont die. And the only one that dies is you. Towers need optimization
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