The most toxic thing in the game?

It's not leavers, trolls, flamers, feeders, it's the MMR based matchmaking that forces you to play with them till you start tilting yourself, being matched with more and more toxicity up until that one game you get carried and snap back to your senses, magically obtaining skill again. Then the winning streak begins, you are on the top of the world, when you start loosing again it's worse than last time. Riot said it themselves, they want you at around 50% win rate and the matchmaking is adjusted that way, that system they have only wrecks havoc in lower elos. I was silver 3, dropped to silver 5 during the preseason cause I decided to play before the people got the "troll without consequences" out of their system, didn't do too brilliant in my season 5 placements but got back to silver in no time. Odd things have been happening since then. I got to promo 5 times and dropped straight to 0-10 LP tops right after, then won 3-4 in a row and got in another promo that was also lost and so on... I loose very little LP so it takes me 5-6 losses to get to 0 LP and 3-4 wins to get back to 100, so yeah, I'm still where I was but my win rate and MMR are beyond terrible. I see no way out of it. I mentioned odd things, right? - I get an extremely negative player in a promo game (omg jung no ganks, omg jung only ks, omg this is lost, omg I afk and all that in the 5 minutes before I muted him) that trolled and threw the game and basically made me want to chill and take a smoke before entering another que to avoid meeting him again. And what do you know, in my next game I'm matched with him and the first thing he says is omg I spent almost 10 minutes in que. He threw that one too ofc. That is only the most recent example, it has happened 3 times since I got back to silver. Not fun when you want to use your limited free time (on those rare occasions when you are well rested) to play and you have to wait 10 minutes cause someone scared you from joining another que, just to be matched with him again! - First I thought it was the patch but then I realized I work 3 shifts and don't have the best sense of time and it's been going on for a while now- 6 leavers in my games in the past month, none on the enemy team. And all of them had 3+ leaves in their match histories. Lost 2 promos with leavers in the first 2 games. Not saying those games are unwinnable (stomped hard last night with our top afk for over 15 minutes) but when it happens in your promo you don't really play the game with full focus and high hopes. - I was matched against a player that admitted to boosting that account 3 games in a row! Got him on my team in the 4th one, he was in his third promo game to silver and the cocky (and braindead enough to admit to boosting) challengeur decided to loose for the fun of it! I'm not saying I'm pro and deserve to be higher, I don't even know where I belong cause I got the chance to climb 5 times and lost due to a weird set of circumstances. Not saying Riot hates me in particular, it's just what that system they created does. It all comes down to you proving you can carry bad teams but it's not for everyone, I'm not strong willed enough to carry the forth game after a 4v5, toxic feeder and troll. I came to believe that toxic people climb faster cause they don't really care about this game and don't tilt after the MMR based matchmaking throws more toxicity their way. if the matchmaking was random and based on elo instead of HIDDEN mmr, a lot of people would be able to get to the elo they deserve and some toxicity would be avoided (I'm a nice person both ingame and irl but after a bad tilt I find myself muting people just to avoid being negative towards them). I came to the point of not caring about climbing, I just want to know where I belong with my skill level and game knowledge, why throw a leashed dog a bone on a string, 5 times in a row?
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