do not open chest after 1am

i'm telling you i have tried and tested this method many times over i have never gotten anything good after opening chest in the am time period, i really think the rng system for hex tech is not as random as people think. If anybody has a chest and wants to test this out let me know what you get, i think its more like 2 am to 6 am time that you {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} get nothing good ]edt: i just tried it and got garen emote ;( edit2: on the opposite end 5:30pm is best time to open chests edit3: of some people dont seem to understand that the system is made by a code that code would normally be written in a way that would yield best results or a company this cud mean they may want specific people to get skins so that would entice them to buy more skins, or the people they know spend money normally play at a certain ttime and etc
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