The Balanced Champion of League

With all the QQ threads about this OP champ and that OP champ, I thought it'd be nice to recognise the champs that haven't seen patch notes for a while, have well-designed kits, being fun to play as and against My picks {{champion:161}} - Rewards skill via passive proccing, relies on skillshots, is relevant at all stages of the game, has a clear weakness in utter lack of mobility, and has varying build paths (can build for burst, poke etc), also has tricks to master to reward players who stick with him (Q Geometry, and the Passive) {{champion:61}} - Unique, clear to see zone control in the Ball. Isn't hard handle in lane, and is strong both on her own and with teammates. Doesn't have any overly easy or hard matchups, and doesn't become useless at any stage. Ball placement and landing Shockwaves is a decent skill sink. Can vary builds to scale harder later, or get damage earlier. What champs are truly well designed and balanced in your opinion?
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