So duskblade (Serious discussion)

How useful do you think this item is on real assassins i'll use my favourite as an example. {{champion:91}} So I realize my thoughts on it may change but even now after the hype of its creation looking at the stats of it I really dont like it. It just feels somewhat slow to me im not sure what items im better off using it over a standard group of items taking in consideration they might have some CC I need to watch out for an example build looks abit like this {{item:3142}} {{item:3117}} {{item:3074}} {{item:3139}} {{item:3071}} ( {{item:3812}} or some other defensive item if im struggling) this ofcourse offers me 40% CDR alot of attack damage and ghostblade mobis helps me close in on a target from whatever angle I need to. Now lets consider I replace ghostblade im losing 10% cdr 10 armor pen and ghostblades 20% move speed active for 10 attack damage 5% move speed and an active that honestly I dont really need to kill my likely targets I could also replace deaths dance more likely an option for dealing with tanks later on now im reliant on blue to reach 40% cdr or trade out my mobis later in the game for lucidity boots lowering my speed of approach. So to cut a long story short im thinking this item while designed for an assassin is auctually more useful on a bursty bruiser than those it was designed for curious on your thoughts do you like it or not tell me why.
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