LP in regards to disconnects.

So today i had a MF that kept disconnecting and reconnecting for about 20 minutes along with this le blanc who also managed to give away first blood a second before i got it :'( As you might imagine i lost the game after like a 5 or 6 win streak it was bound to happen. But i lost just as much LP as the last match i gained and that got me annoyed. The reason being that it felt unfair that we lost. Its not like it was a good match at all, pretty much consisted of me trying to make plays maybe killing someone maybe escaping with 2 hp; and my team seemingly engaging purely out of tilt because there was no way in hell we could win a team fight after being so behind. But i got to thinking why doesn't riot maybe buffer the LP loss for the players that had to play through their teams reconnects? I mean surely its not my fault that my damn MF has really bad internet and i was paired with her, or that Le Blanc maybe gave away first blood due to lag? I really feel that the LP system needs to be fine tuned for such scenarios.
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