Why did riot rework Diana

Before rework, Diana was a 50% winrate with a low pick and ban rate (Almost only played by onetricks). Her kit wasn't unhealthy, she was fun to play with and had her own little community. Nobody thought she was broken. Then riot strikes again. They rework her, changing her kit from a quick combo aoe burst to this awkward prolonged combo. Her only cc is put on her ult and made worse. She is boring to play as and completely busted, banned all the time. My question is, why? Why did they prioritize a champ that was perfectly fine, when there are plenty of characters that are complete aids. Why didn't they rework zoe, unhealthy and frustrating. Why are they so set on keeping new champs even if their kit is completely unhealty and stupid. There are 10+ champs I could think of that should be reworked or changed ahead of Diana. She shouldn't even have been changed. Please just revert the changes every champ doesn't need to be meta and played by everyone.
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