Why do people feel the need to list abilities when calling a champion OP????

For example, some might be like: {{champion:157}} is OP!!!!! He has a free 0.1 seconds dash, a free double range piercing auto on a 1 second cooldown that can crit!!! A free ranged aoe whirlwind that can knockup and CRIT!!! An AOE 1.0 SCALING ULT THAT IS ALSO HARD CC FOR OVER 1.5 SECONDS!!!!!! AND HE GETS DOUBLE CRIT!!!1!!!1!!1111!!1 I dont understand this logic. Thats like me saying: {{champion:96}} is OP!!! He has a permaslow that damages.He has an attack speed steroid, a range steroid, a percentage health on-hit steroid, and a DOUBLE ATTACK SPEED 5.0 CAP STEROID!!! THIS GUY IS A BODYBUILDER!!! He has a 1000 range exucute which can do 3x damage!!! Worst of all, he has a AOE TRUE DAMAGE NUKE ON A INFINITESIMALLY SMALL COOL DOWN!!1!!!11!!1!!1!!11! Even kog sounds OP like that
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