I am done. Quitting this shitty game.

For some reason after last 2 patches I can't win. Just can't. Everybody trolls, ints and plays like garbage. My team is never winning. I am done. Wtf happened to League? I don't know. Recently my runes get changed into one of those 4 pathetic basic choices for some reason. Not in all games, just in some. The game feels very punishing. For doing something for the team. Not for bad plays, but for playing with teammates. I can't understand how can anybody enjoy it. The worst part is that I will come back if I feel like the game maybe got better, but that is only some weird kind of hope, stupid hope. The game will never be the way it was. The game will never be enjoyable anymore. The game might get decent, but isn't even that as for now. I just don't care anymore.
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