Riot, can you stop putting me with AFKs, Trolls and feeders pls? I'm not having fun with a 23% WR...

In the past few days I've only lost games, because either A. There's someone afk. B. There's someone playing very very very very badly. And when I DARE to play badly myself once, I just get flamed and spam-pinged the whole game... so there goes my motivation down my drain. And the AFK thingy happens every second or third game. And I just wonder, what the %%%% Riot did to the matchmaking system in general. Like, I have a 23% winrate on my last 30 games (proof is on the link I had sent) and it's just getting old tbh. And every day I'm getting closer to the edge of saying: 'Well, maybe I won't play today'... Not that anybody cares, but it's just really frustrating and I really like this game I'm getting further away every game basically... What should I do in your guys opinion?
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