An idea how to balance assassins.

Hello there. Playing this meta i realised one thing. Assassins are little bit outbalanced. The problem of them is dmg and incredible snowball potential. It seems pretty obvious. But... Instead of buffing HP or survival items which will change the meta to another tank-meta (which is so much hated by assassins-players) we could just increase ability CDs of assassin-like champions. They have way too safe lane phase, which with enormous dmg and easy farm is icredibly frustrating on low rank games (iron-platin). Why every assassin can spam his abilitis which most of all are high dmg and low mana cost? Make the abilities more highrisk-highwin. Let people play economically as assassins. If they miss combo let them wait 10s for another combo. Make their lane phase more difficult. In present game this change will not hurt LCS plays, since they are absolute masters of game, but it will help to us, to regular bread eaters who just play for fun, and are sick of league of assassins.
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