@Riot Nerf Vayne 53% Winrate....

Ever the vayne hater ( Yes I will admit it right away) I was annoyed by her constant 51% winrate which should be quite unusual for a champ that supposedly is very hard to play and do well with. Now as I was checking the new patches stats I didnt even have to go to champion specifics; Vayne currently has the highest winrates of all adc at an absolutely ridiculous 53,19%!!!!! with a pickrate of 25%. Of course I dont fail to see that this is the patch where assassins underwent large scale reworks ( and Vayne has always done very well imo way too well against them to the point where she can take down most of them easily) but Vayne has been problematic for a while. In my opinion buffing the Q the way they did was a huge mistake simply because the damage is too high and also dependent on RNG ( the moment you have your first crit item its a gamble between "poking" your opponent for very respectable damage and chunking your opponent for 1/2 their healthbar early on. ) The damage that this champ can dish out is incomparable to any of the other adc; champs for that matter and not even in the later stages of the game but already after getting 1 and especially 2 items ( Shiv IE) The way she deals this damage in form of undodgeable autoattacks is also bothersome, simply rightclicking is not skillful and doesnt require good mechanics which is something a lot of Vayne mains state as the reason why this champ can have a kit this oppressive. Damage itself though usually isnt too big of a problem but as it happens Vayne has the highest in class defensive capabilities with her insanely low CD q Dash AND her stealth which also grants high AD AND % max health TRUE DAMAGE( overloaded kit much???) AND a point and click knockback which can quickly dispose of enemy champions who get close to her ( the skillful wallstun is a nice bonus to have but often not needed in holding others off) This brings me to my main point, in the past weeks adding counterplay to champions, assassins in particular was a huge topic. So every assassin had his low counterplay aspects taken away ( for the most) apart from vayne. This champ is THE best at assassinating enemy champions while offering no way of avoiding her damage once in "clickrange". Highest damage + lowest counterplay = BROKEN. Something has to be done about this champ theres no drawback to playing her in Solo Q ( I am not sure about competitive but I think we might see her being played there too) She also benefits the most from broken supports like Janna, anyone who ever tried stopping a Vayne Janna duo in solo Q knows what Im talking about. In short : Vayne is broken in her current state, her broken kit, the fact that she really isnt that hard to play and the meta all contribute to this. Tank Meta : Lets pick vayne the only champ that can annihilate tanks no matter what they build Assassin Meta : Lets pick Vayne and 3 shot everything while skillfully tumbling and ulting As expected the number of Vayne mains downvoting this is very high keep on telling yourself you perform well with Vayne because youre mechanically gifted where in fact everyone does well with her lul.

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