Can we talk about URF ?

Dear Riot, i was here since the first URF came out when {{champion:19}} killed URF for the first time the mode was fun and we all loved it with its crazy things the game was nearly thing people dreamed of to see how can champions be unbalanced now you made it ARURF thats cool and every thing but this killed 50% of the fun that people get from it and now you made it that i get a random champion and can't even change it with my teammates that's sad how you are killing URF better deleting it than ruining the view of some people like me that saw the first urf and see that i played 3 games and i found only same people playing it around 20 people now play it its alright since you don't want players to forget about the game it self but at the same time this is not fun playing it while you are killing it slowly and slowly please deleting it is better than doing that and thanks
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