Balance Changes to CritChance for healthier gameplay

Hi everybody not Jatt here, but a fellow gamer, My idea to balance CritChance and be less frustating to play with and against is, to cap the amount of Crits/NON Crits in a row based on your CritChance. We all know the situations where "he has 1% critchance but crits me 3 times" AND "I have 80% crit and didnt crit once in my last 3 AAs" happens. This should not happen to often but will and is not really healty nor fun ether. Btw. english is not my first language so pls ignore minor mistakes and dont worry** theres a TL:DR at the end**. > CritChance = max. x Amount of Crits/NON Crits in a row based on CritChance **Update**: there seem to be a little misunderstanding reagarding the Mechanics of CritChance. I have been convinced that LoL might use a PRD instead of a PRNG(PRNG: just random, PRD: lower initaly CritChance but scales additivly after every nonCrit in a row,resets back to initaly Critchance(50%=>25% on first AA+ 25% every NonCrit after.After crit reset to 25%), BECAUSE a PRD is a little more constant then a PRNG and thus more likey to be used BUT i dont have any safe Informations regarding this topic!!! TL;DR Ignore the things with "max. x NonCrits in a row" this may be already in the game. The cap could potentually be the following: 1. <=_20% CritChance_ --> max. 2 Crits in a row 2. >_20% CritChance_--_<50% CritChance_--> max. 3 Crits in a row 3. =_50% CritChance_ --> max. 3 Crits **AND** max. 3 NON Crits in a row 4.>_50% CritChance_--<_80% CritChance_--> max. 3 NON Crits in a row 5. >=_80% CritChance_--> max. 2 NON Crits in a row What does this mean? If someone crits 2 times in a row with 20% and** would **be criting on the third too, his 3rd** would not** be a crit whatsoever aka a **guarentied NON Crit**. When someone has 80% and didnt crit 2 times in a row his 3rd would be a** guarentied Crit**. >Is this fair? No, it isnt, we are robbing 20% chance from his 3rd AA, so we are punishing him for beeing lucky and not giving any compensation. Luck is not a bad thing in a game, its randomness gives unpredictableness and exctiment, thus fun. Its is only a bad thing if it gets out of control and gets extreme. This is something we want to tone down a bit. So if someone gets lucky enough to have 2 crits in a row with 20% and he even gets another one, the 3rd will be a **guarentied NON Crit**, BUT his next AA could get some kind of **buff**. For example: A. his next AA is a **guarentied Crit** B. his next AA gets **double CritChance** C. his next AA gets +CritDmg, OnHitDmg,slow, speedup etc. D. Nothing (Irelias best buff for years xD) E. if e.g. 80% and not criting twice in a row, the next AA(a guarentied Crit) gets + CritDmg,OnHitDmg etc. I personly highly tend towards A and maybe E. A is better early then B and B gets equal with A at 50% CritChance. C and E might be hard to balance. D is to punishing, the others give at least somekind of compensation. So what does this mean? If someone crits twice in a row with 20%, his 3rd will not crit, but if he was lucky and** would have **crited there, his** NEXT** AA is a** guarentied Crit**. >Other Balancing Options The values i used are more or less based on ingame items but can/should be improved for better accuracy! e.g. 1. <=10% CritChance --> max. 1 crit in a row 2. change "<=20" to "<20" 3. 20/25% -- 30/33/35% 4. >20% -- <50% max. 3 crits AND max. 9/10 NON Crits in a row **BUT** predicable, guarentied Crits are **BAD **, because they can be abused. This is not so importend with high CritChance, but is extremly dangerous with low CritChance(<50%) !!! 5. >=90% --> max. 1 NON Crit in a row Its is possible to change "max. x in a row" to "amount of crits in last x AAs" but this is highly predictable and thus bad. Does this really help reducing extremly lucky AA burst? Yes, it does to a certain extends, which is even changeble if wanted. For example: In MSI 2016, DAY 5, SKT 1 vs RNG At 28 mins RNGs Wuxx as Sivir crits 7/10 times with only 50% CritChance(i would have 3/10 MAX) and deals massiv Dmg. This is not extremly lucky but is close. His AAs are: C,C,C,AA,C,C,AA,C,C,AA C=Crit, AA= NonCritAA, gC = Guarentied Crit, gAA = guarentied NON CritAA With my system it would be max. 3 Crits in a row: C,C,C,**gAA**,C,C,AA,C,C,AA = 7/10 Crits as you can see there is no diffrence in dmg, but the 4th AA is a guarentied NON Crit instead of a 50% AA. Lets sort them a little so he would have been alot more lucky: C,C,C,C,C,C,C,AA,AA,AA --> C,C,C,**gAA**,C,C,C,**gAA**,A,A = 6/10 Crits this time he would deal a little bit less dmg, but the main thing is that his max. burst is reduced to 3 Crits instead of 7 Crits in a row. For testing purposes lets switch the "max. 3 in a row" to "max. 2 in a row": C,C,C,AA,C,C,AA,C,C,AA, --> C,C,**gAA**,**gC**,C,**gAA**,AA,_gC_,C,**gAA** = 6/10 Crits not much less dmg, but with a predictable, guarentied crit(_gC_) and therefore bad. And we are limiting the "lucky" burst to max. 2 Crits in a row with 50% its not that lucky at all (1/4 getting 2 and 1/8 getting 3 in a row), which is not what we really want, but it evens the "burst spikes" alot. > Finally TL;DR - max. x Crits/NON Crits in a row based on CritChance - Eliminating extreme lucky CritChance and thus extreme lucky Burst - Luck can be balanced to a certain extend(Bonuses on next AA) - only has an implact on outliers - improves "fairness" early AND late game and playing with/against CritChance - should be possible to implement(e.g fioras e= Guarentied NonCrit/Crit) - does not remove every lucky outlier but the worst ones(e.g. C,AA,C,AA,C with 1%Crit still possible) Finally, thanks for reading this massiv wall of text, i hope you enjoyed and/or got some inspiration to improve LoL a little(if you know a guy from riot feel free to give him a link if youre thinking that this post could help improve LoL). I had a lot of fun making this post and i would like your feedback, if i missed crucial things, misunderstood something or if you have some more improvments! I would like to hear your thoughts about my Idea too! And any mistakes found can be keeped, have fun with them :D This was my first post and I {{champion:86}}tiee you this is the only Garen joke that ill do xD man this was sooo tempting all the time! Ok, have nice day, im out, the Rift is calling, and we may see us there too Greetings Lord Desert (only 1 "s" not 2)
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