Dear Riot, Camille has too much mobility compared to older champs

during my short travels along the toplane, i have defeated many camille players.. but there was always 1 issue regarding this champion that is highly disturbing...why does she have SOOO much mobility. why are all the new champions getting so much mobility in comparison to the old champions. forexample camille's ability to hook on to a Wall allows her to fly across 1/3 of the lane and with a flash she can easily make it to her tower.. escaping near death of a gank. **Chasing down a Wounded camille is nearly impossible.** wasnt tank ekko mobile enough ? why make a champion that is even more mobile than ekko. **Why should tanky champions be highly mobile at all.. as if they are squishy like leblanc ?** beating her is very possible, its just very annoying that her mobility is so high... which in my opinion is not really good. escapes should be limited so that players atleast get punished for their mistakes.
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