Teemo January rework confirmed and revealed by Rioters

After an extremely long wait, Riot is finally working on reworking {{champion:17}} Teemo! I got matched with RiotDaemon and RiotTroyzilla into a ranked game yesterday and they agreed to answer some of my questions regarding the Teemo rework. Daemon said the Teemo rework will come around January of 2019 and a new skin called "Little Angel Teemo" will be released on the same day the rework gets released. This is the changes Teemo will receive: Passive: His passive will be very similar to the current one except it'll have a +5% AS buff to the first hit before getting uncloaked Q: His Q is now a skillshot! No more press Q to win! If it hits a minion, it'll pierce through it (this can only happen once and the shot will fully apply on the next minion or champion that it hits), his Q is getting a massive +20% AS buff, +5% damage buff and a -35% blinded effect lasting nerf. W: Teemo's W is getting a buff by more speed when using it (5% buff) E: His poisoned shot is reworked! Now you need to press E to active/deactivate it because it'll cots 3 mana to cast a poisoned auto-attack (mana cost gets bigger with every E upgrade up to 7 mana cost (+1 mana cost per level)) R(ult): Teemo's mushrooms get a -10% DPS nerf and mushroom duration increased to 7 minutes (from 5). Mushrooms now also apply an "nausea" effect to the target for the first two seconds the target runs into the mushroom. Mushrooms also now cost +10% more mana and have a slightly smaller explosion range. Teemo can now EAT mushrooms (I'm not joking) by pressing R and then directing the mushroom into Teemo, he'll eat the mushroom, have the "nausea" effect applied to him for 3 seconds, +50 health regenerated for the next 5 seconds (this is increased with upgrades) & +2% AS for 2 seconds. Well, that's the Teemo rework! There'll obviously be changes before the rework is in action, but according to Daemon this is close to how it will be. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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