Should Kalista be Reworked ? (Petition).

I'm a kalista and Jhin main and having trouble with kalista at the moment. I like the champ and the idea, however i feel that she may be over nerfed,I'm hoping there are other kalista mains and lovers out there that feel the same way and would like riot to hear them out. Please comment your thoughts and ideas and how you make this champ work for you maybe its just the way she is supposed to be played that i don't understand. Observations 1) she is too reliant on support. 2) Her W is not that great , someone can walk around the sentinel and you wouldn't see them coming. The W Passive is okay, but again works with supp around. 3) Her Ultimate , good i think, but the fact that you need to be on the same page with your supp makes it a bit of a dice roll. 4)Very difficult to solo lane, only against melee champs that are not tanks or juggernauts. Now if she wasn't a supp reliant champ i think she would be some what playable i think (My own opinion), because if you are good and have mastered her you can easily carry. but in the current situation, you can be good , but if supp is bad/feeder then its difficult to carry or come back. Recommendation. 1) Make her not supp reliant. 2) keep the martial poise and then rend, those distinguish kalista from other adc champs. My suggestions. 1) Rework the W 2) Rework the R The above mentioned are my own personal opinion, if there are other suggestions and recommendations please comment and contribute . thank you
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