Did Nasus really need that buff he got?

So after playing this week I seriously see to many Nasus players dominate top without the enemy top laner having a slight chance of winning. I am currently gold and it happens to damn lot, so much I feel I need to ban him every game just to be sure the enemy team doesn't get him. Now I bet all you people who are plat+ think "he needed the buff he is so useless". The buff doesn't help his winrate in plat+ but in lower elos Nasus became a worse threat than fed Yi. I really don't like that riot buffed Nasus only cause he ain't that good in high elos, but just cause he ain't good in high elo it shouldn't mean they should destroy the META of Bronze - Gold teams. I myself plays champions who can't win lane against Nasus for ex Shen, Swain and Cho'Gath. Now I know these champions can shut down Nasus is other ways than killing him, but currently it's going to be ever harder if you let Nasus get to his mid game for free, specially when the Nasus get babysit and you get a jungler doesn't know what he is doing. Please Nerf Nasus lifesteal down again, it would help us low elo players win lane in the early game against him much easier.
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