Isnt it about time riot to give fiora and lucian a buff ??.. and what about these 6.24 changes :/

Fiora and Lucian have been nerfed a lot in the past 2 years and they have never takin a gd buff that lasted.. Fiora has been reworked and then nerfed while you guys are giving Garen some more damage ??.. Garen honestly needs some sort of a nerf on his passive maybe or his E because he gets like undying after he finishes his first full item and thats like too easy for a champ to sustain and farm safe under the tower when the lane is pushed against him and now he does more damage when played well.. like now when a team has Garen the jungler give him the first gank help him get an advantage and then GG top lane because Garen wont be easy to kill at all so now he can win the lane easier. And what about Azir guys.. i mean come on after you nerfed he became the least played mid laner and this new buff might not help him in laning phase that much but he might have a better impact later on. All in all riot you made my 3 most played, main, and most loved champs from the minute i started playing lol nerfed and not cant be played all the time and im not having any fun at all during normal games and ranked AND im having a hard time deciding my new lane and new champs that are "into meta".. pls riot consider some some of what i said and do some good things to the right champs and dont focus much on low skill champs. And i forgot about Lucian.. like seriously guys THIS DUDE NEEDS A BUFF.. he already has low range not like the rest.. now he does less damage.. and his Q has been nerfed 2 times..WHY :o ??.. give him a nice buff or bring the old Lucian back please. P.S: If you wont do something good to Fiora then pls dont start nerfing Camille when she is out because Camille is like my Fiora #2 and she is going to replace Fiora a little until you buff Fiora again.. she is the closest champ to be played like Fiora and does need good skills.
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