What league of legends has become.

Well, this is the first discussion I've ever started in a very long time. Though I realise my opinion matters very little, I am here mostly to express sadness, not to hope for actual change. League of Legends has been a favorite game of mine for a very very long time and looking at this season (not that the past seasons were specifically good, just that this one managed to be the worst so far in my opinion), I am naught but filled with sadness to see the following: - balancing has become the pure product of pro play, rendering soloq completely unstable - though we all have bad games, and that's fine, i must address how remarkably rediculous the community has become. Aside from the usual toxicity that we've seen for years, people simply don't seem to take ranked seriously at all anymore. I understand it's a game, and that's fine, but when i play a game where someone wants to try tristana midlane cz he saw it in proplay knowing he has never played tristana in his life... I mean that pretty much sucks the competitiveness and the fun out of ranked. I don't even really blame the community. Riot seems to have mostly stopped caring much about summoner's rift, making this season so incredibly stale in a terrible way and just focusing on TFT which is not what League of Legends was ever originally about. They are tearing down a community they raised for 9 years just because they wanna introduce a new mode that most people who enjoy league would find it boring (from what I found anw).
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