Something that irritates me quite a bit. (Clash)

There's clans/high elo teams that have been starting to make Smurf accounts and putting them in Iron/bronze by demoting forcefully. And now I been starting to see tons of 5-man premade smurf (Lvl 30-40 accounts) who play normals extremely tryhard to practice together against players who are way below your skill grade. This is probobly the worst kind of players I have seen in a while that abuse Riot's matchmaking system. I know Riot made a "Anti-Smurf system" that are used by using your ID phonenumber, and can't be used for multiple accounts. But, people who been apart of Clash before and already received a banner, they don't need to use this code for their main account anymore. Easily abusing the system by playing smurf accounts and ruining low elo's clash teams to ever get banners. The amount of people who use level 30-40 accounts atm is extremely many within the normals games, and those players are way about the MMR they are sitting in. Will riot do something about those account? Like make a Level restriction? It would work for me and reduce the amount of Smurfs playing atm within normal games and when Clash comes out.
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