New marksmen are BEYOND ridiculous

And here's why: Caitlyn: If you E a target, or they step on your W, she's going to _100% headshot you_ for the next few seconds, and additionally have _1300 range_ against you (Which is a little bit more than 3 flashes). Also, I found this I really hope the "90 seconds" listed are just a bug... Graves: Every auto attack is now a buckshot, and double that if you get a critical strike (8 bullets instead of 4). Better just give him his cigar back. Kog'Maw: His W now, for 6 seconds, additionally gives his 100% attack speed (in addition to his Q's passive which gives him attack speed, which is by the way buffed from 30% to 50% at rank 5...), and doubles the Attack Speed cap. Which means he can auto attack you 5 times per seconds (No, they didn't remove the Max Health % damage on it. fun? fun.) Also, his R's mechanics stayed the same (Same cooldown, same range...) but the DAMAGE is now: "70/110/150 (+.75 bonus AD)(+.25 AP) to targets above 50% Health 140/220/300 (+1.5 bonus ad)(.5 AP) to targets at 25%-50% Health 210/330/450 (+2.25 bonus ad)(+.75 AP) to targets below 25% Health". Well then, having an ability with 1200 range deal 210(+2.25 bonus ad)(+.75 AP) in level 6 if you're low seems completely balanced. good thing it doesn't have a 2 second cooldown... Oh wait it does. Shall the nerf threads start before they are even released it-- :'D
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