Bored of most champions, cant find a champion to main (play over and over again)

Hi So im kind of stuck i guess you could say. I seem to be really bored of most champions right now. There was a point in season 4 where i played Kayle allot and did really well but now she is very popular and that is causing me to not have any motivation to play her. I recently played allot of Shen and did really well with him as well but the thing is Shen is not very versatile i mean he pretty much just does one thing (ulti->taunt) so when i thought about it like that i got really bored of him after about 30 games. Right now i cant seem to find a champion that i can play over and over again and get really good at. I dont want to play champions that EVERYONE else plays (kayle,twisted fate etc) because then im just one in thousands. I also feel like there are not many champions that are actually able to keep you interested for a longer time allot of them are very straight forward and after a couple of games you have pretty much done everything you can do with that champion (thinking about champions like Annie, Pantheon,Tryndamere etc) I also feel like atm the champions that are not popular are really really bad for some reason, like this is the first time there is a huge gap between the popular ones and the not so popular ones (probably because of the recent item changes). Maybe its just me though? I want to play a champion that is not that popular but still strong in the right hands and has some things about him/her that can keep me interested for a longer time like maybe different builds, lane versatility, outplay potential etc. Anyone else feeling like this?
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