What champion should I play for mid as a beginner? Also,what should be my secondary role?

Hey. I am lvl30 unranked but i want to start maining a role and one tricking a champion. I want to play mid as my main role because i like getting kills,roaming,being around the map and like being in the middle doing stuff,dishing lots of damage and not getting 1 shotted most of the times and having potential to hard carry games. The problem is that i dont like slow champions like annie,twisted fate,xerath,anivia or melee champions like zed,talon. I absolutely hate them. I want to one trick a champion that can carry and thats fun. I like teemo,heimerdinger but idk they seem weak at the time. Who should I play? What role should be my secondary aswell?ADC? Support? I like support but like i hate the fact not being able to do anything in late game to change the course of the game and win or carry,its too hard imo
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