Does RIOT cater to Professional Play over SoloQ in terms of champion balance and the meta?

That's the impression I've been getting for the past couple of years. Or has it always been this way? It seems like SoloQ gets the short end of the stick. The obsession with "flashy abilities" is going higher and higher, now with Neeko being able to mimic an ally champion indefinitely, as long as she only auto attacks, has a fancy aoe ultimate, etc. Meanwhile in SoloQ you are just too scared to play against Neeko, since if the player picking her is really good, you're essentially donezo, just like with Zoe or Pyke. And both of those champions are unhealthy for SoloQ, much like Neeko is, yet every champion we get now feels unhealthy for SoloQ. With both Pyke and Zoe, one skill basically decides if you live or die. Zoe's bubble and Pyke's pullback. One ability should not define that, yet it does and Riot designers seem to love this s**t.
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