Having 3 troll matches in a row

First game: loss ADC decides to go comatose from minute 1. Really doesn't do anything beside walking. Doesn't die, doesn't kill, doesn't help, doesn't engage. Just walks around and farms a bit. Very frustrating. Second game: loss Adc goes 0/8, jungle goes 0/6 ' f00k you bronzies i go troll ' was the explanation to the score. Third game: loss Toplane completely destroys the match by going 1/12 against enemy Darius , saying we are noobs and its our fault he dies, *import several flaming words* . Admits to trolling later in the game. Darius gets super feed and carries the game for them. People say 'you have more chance to get a troll in the enemy team, since you don't troll so you only have 4 chances of trollers and the enemy has 5. ' However how come the enemy barely has trolls in their team and they usually end up in mine? These matches are an honest example but I could go on for hours. This game can be fun but it's ruined by people who on purpose try to lose the match.
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