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I write this ticket because I feel like the ranked play Needs some improvement/changes. I know that lower Elo is somewhat of a Problem but everyone has to go through it and after all , we are all Players. I Keep playing the game because it is fun , but struggling to get out of lower elo keeps taking the fun away. And by that i feel like saying that I experience a high number of leavers in my Teams. I know that is nothing that can be done except of punishment for those who leave , but until they get punished , we , the Players who actually play the game until the Nexus explodes are the ones who are punished, I Keep losing a lot of LP and Promotion games just because People feed and then suddenly leave the game and then the other 4 People are bounded to lose LP. Therefore i suggest that in a game where somebody leaves and never reconnects, the LP gain for the enemy Team should be the same , but the LP loss for the disadvantaged Team to be lowered. The LP loss and gain System should not be considered a trade, and by that I mean the ones who lose the game should not ''give'' the LP to the Team that wins. I hope something will be done about this. Best Regards , Zergsen.

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