Solo carrying and climbing is totally possible... BUT,

But you'd have to be *significantly* better than your opponents to solo carry 1vs5. The reason this current ranked system is a total dogsh*t coinflip is because you rely on your teammate's performance very hard, Which makes total sense because this is a 5vs5 game. However, high solo performance doesn't give you jack sh*t because if you are playing close to your true elo you are just not good enough to carry the game alone. You can't influence this game alone, not to the extent that you'd need to influence in order to climb based on your performance alone. Which leads us to the point of the thread: if you want to get out of silver without going through hell and hope for lucky games and good teammates, you'd have to be playing at a platinum level. same goes for iron, bronze, gold, plat, diamond, and master+ You'd have to be playing 2 leagues over you current rank to be able to climb based on your performance alone. If i am a true silver 1 player playing in silver 4 i should be able to affect the game to the extent of being able to climb. If i am a true gold player playing in silver, i should be able to affect the games enough to be able to climb to gold, and from there get better. This is just not the case. You have to be A LOT better than your enemies to climb. that's just the cold hard truth. If i am a true gold player, playing against silvers it's not going to improve me because you get better only by playing against people who are better than you and learn from them. Said true gold player will not be able to influence his games enough to get out of silver. And that's why this ranked system is a %%%%ing gamble. This whole game is a %%%%ing gamble. I am open for dicussion, write your thoughts
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