Ranking LP system suggestion

Hello everyone! After having another game like this: https://i.ibb.co/cJq7bm0/fafsa.png I had some thoughts. First of all. I know this is a team game and everything. Also I know people get matched for difficult games to balance their rank. But. As you can see I was doing great this game. However, my team wanted to FF since minute 4 and we had like 15 deaths while enemy team has like 3. What I am trying to say is .. even tho player can play really good, he will still be losing LP because of obviously lower skill teammates. My suggestion is flexible LP system. For example: LP system that`s based on your tier after game. Let`s say you had perfect game as adc - a lot of kills, income, control, everything. You played really good. But your team was awful. Really awful. Is it fair to take away like 20 of your LP? Wouldn`t it be fair to give a little discout? Take away just 10. Because you were playing great! It`s also great motivation for everyone to play great. So they will know even tho their team can mess up they still can get taken away less LP if they will play really good. Doesn`t it makes sense? Please share your thoughts on this!
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