Rito is gonna destroy another champion.

I am seeing even more nerf coming to Gangplank in PBE. I am very afraid this is gonna be the same thing again when they take a champion and progressively nerf him until he becomes completely useless. I enjoyed playing GP way before the rework. I'm gonna be honest I don't care for lore and all that. I play games for gameplay. But Riot decided for a rework. Ok. So they pretty much turned his early game into crap and gave him mroe late game teamfight potential. I didn't really mind the change, I liked him either way. But I am really scared the whole series of changes is gonna end in "we messed up balance once again and since we think GP is too strong we are gonna tune him to be an unviable pick and pretend that we did not mess up yet another champion". Please do not just destroy GP's viability. Last season you already annihilated any Kha'Zix viability, who was my main. Like, when Riot decides to make any change to champion I like, instead of getting excited I just get scared. Because they usually make them super OP at first, they become annoying and then they decide to nerf them until nobody picks them anymore. Stop arbitrarily bringing champions in and out of viability, it makes the game very frustrating. Have you not learned anything from the past? The S5 jungle rework, the assassin jungler nerfs, the tank meta... then the tank nerfs, the AP junglers huge buffs, then all these reworks... and the "juggernaut" update... and what about the champion releases in S5... I mean, I don't think you need to be a game designer with decades of experience to notice that most of the changes were not exactly good for the past year. I think if Riot does not stop and reconsider their apporach to game balance the game health will keep degenerating even worse...
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