Draven sucks, and needs better optimisation (+ bugfix pls)

Draven has been getting progressively worse over the last few months. Starting at the removal of fervour of battle, and then becoming indirectly nerfed by rune 'balance changes' (such as aery damage + sorcery precision ad nerf). I believe that he either needs a changed/improved passive (similar to his older one), or a keystone that is properly appropriate for his kit (something like fervour, since that was much better than what we have now). Draven's axes are also horribly buggy as of patch 8.1. Sometimes axes go missing for no reason whilst you're holding them, sometimes they are invisible (while they are meant to be spinning), sometimes only half of the axe is spinning. This has been happening since the start of preseason, and really needs to be changed, as it is both disadvantaging to the enemy team, and the player on Draven. We're always talking about Draven issues on r/draven (ignore the memes), so please come and look at our posts on the subject. Thanks for reading this, I hope you help us fix our champion. EDIT: someone also reminded me that their is potentially a bug with some axes dropping in unprecedented locations to where the player is trying to direct them, causing the player to be unable to catch said axe.
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