Time to ask a very serious question:

how to win a game of League of Legends. No matter what i do, it always seems that a victory is beyond my power. No matter if i do something that grants our team the advantage, like a successful gank, or kill inlane, or a turret taketodown- 2 other things like this pop up in other areas of the map. No matter how well i keep the drake timer in mind, my team decides it is a great time to go for that blue buff, leaving me with the dmn thing and 5 oponents in my face. No matter how much peeling i provide for my adc, this guy always seem to be solving a riddle of "what sort of position i can put myself into, that a Janna behind me would not be able to get me out of?". Usually they come with correct answers. I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO WIN A GAME OF LOL! And i am platinum ffs, i have won my fair share of games, but now i have no idea how i did it. CS is not the key Playing champs with damage is not the key Teamwork is not the key? WHAT IS THE KEY?!
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