Weird matchmaking in solo/duo

I just played a ranked game after finally getting to gold again. My mmr is 1576 (Gold 3 somthin), and what I got in my team was this: Morgana - 1497 mmr (she is gold 2 tho) Cho'Gath - 1586 mmr (gold 4). He was 0/4 early game, never ganked or communicated. Ended up with 4/7 Lux - 1494 mmr (gold 5). She was really toxic and called me and my entire team %%%%%%ed while feeding their Diana 17/5. Fiora - 1529 mmr (gold 2). She was afk in lane multiple times, and didn't communicate once. I honestly thought Gold would be a little better than bronze, but I can barely see any difference in gameplay some of my games. The enemy team were full silvers, and we lost. I know that I also played bad, so I'm also taking a bunch of the blame, but why is everyone so toxic. The enemy Draven was also toxic, even tho he was winning and fed. I muted him early on tho.
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