Need help about the ranked system please

I played League a few years ago, and (I have no idea how) I managed to reach Platinum 1. Due to a PhD exam I had to take a 1 year break to study. After I passed all the exams I finally got my diploma. I started working, decent wage, so since I was fine professionally I decided to come back to League, because I really like it. I lost my ex account (user, pass, email) so I started new. While playing ranked games (being unranked), I promoted to silver 1. Since then, I was constantly matched with platinum/diamond people and against platinum and diamond people. I know that all of you would say something like "you belong to the exact tier that you deserve", and "the matchmaking system pairs you to play with people who have the same skill as you do". So why am I silver 3 (currently) and i was permanently matched with and against plat/dia people? How come I can't play with and vs people around my tier (bronze/silver/gold)? I had to stop playing ranked because I was permanently losing almost all games: platinum people going feeding, trolling/flaming and so on. Me and my team mates were constantly trying to compensate the damage but we simply couldn't, so from silver 1 I dropped to silver 3 in just a week. Why everybody says "you can't get out of silver because you're bad and unskilled and you belong there"? If I belong here and I'm bad, I'm willing to accept it, but then why do I have to constantly play against way higher divisions? Currently I have 22 ranked wins, why do I always have to play vs people with 400-500 wins? How is this system working? If I belong to a low tier why can't I play vs same tier adversaries, who would theoretically have the same skill and fail chances? I do not understand well the concept of MMR and elo, maybe some experienced players can help a bit. But please refrain the classic "ur bad go away", I need some advice. Also, I would like some opinion about my match history scores, meaning is it decent/bad/incredibly bad? Because I looked on it, and to me it doesn't look bad, so I would appreciate your honest opinion. I will try to spare you the time to look over it, so I will post my normal games history here. I haven't played ranked games in more than 2 months, because, if somebody would invent the bronze 100 tier, I'm 100% sure I will drop to it in a month or so. So, here are the scores of the normal games played from 8 January til today: 2/1/2 11/3/12 5/8/9 Thanks in advance for your time. 11/1/1 8/2/8 14/7/18 6/3/6 8/4/8 25/2/11 11/12/12 15/8/13 16/10/13 16/2/10 9/2/14 4/1/7 2/0/8 10/8/16 11/5/14 6/1/6 2/5/0

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