Good luck for Season 8- What is your goal?

Season 8 has begun! Wishing you all good luck in this new season. SoloQ- S7 was my first full season and I did start to improve a bit towards the end. I didn't really start playing ranked regularly until about March. I peaked at B3 but spent most of my time bouncing between B5 and B4. My goal for S8 is to try and get to B3 and stick there for most of the season if possible. FlexQ- I have slightly higher hopes for FlexQ as my regular ADC and I were averaging >50% winrate for the last half of S7. So, a push to the upper divisions of Bronze would be good. Other goals... Get Honour level 5 again. Maybe learn another role (maybe not, I like playing support). Mute all in every game unless playing with friends. Change my name. What are your goals? What are you aiming for over the next 10 months? GLHF Wa5abi65
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