Dedicated healer balance (simple Soraka tweak)

Greetings... I'm part of a small minority that genuinely enjoys playing dedicated healers in MMORPG's and providing extra survivability to one's allies directly. Ever since I started playing League of Legends I noticed that Soraka is the champion that suits my gameplay best, since she's the only dedicated healer in the game. Other than her, only Kayle, Nami and Sona have active abilities to heal their allies, while Alistar has his passive. Sadly, dedicated healing is not a valued quality in League of Legends, but that could easily change with a small tweak to Soraka. That simple tweak would be to remove the Health price she has to pay when healing other champions (while retaining everything else), meaning she only has to pay for the casting with her Mana. This way she would be able to keep up with the rest of the champions and she would be able to provide more healing, given she would have to concern herself only with Mana regen rather than both Health and Mana regen at the same time. Hopefully dedicated healers get some love sooner or later. Cheers, Nick
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