LoL is the best it's been since I started playing.

I've only been playing league the past three years or so. I have to say though. The community and game play is now, in my opinion, the best it has ever been. I'm making my first genuine attempt to climb the ranked ladder. While you do get the occasional troll on your team, I'm finding it way less common when compared to last season, and the season before. Whatever way the game is currently balanced also seems fantastic to me. Unless you feed uncontrollably, there is always a chance for a comeback. I've had so many games where my team has come back from losing two inhibs, to winning the game. I've similarly had this happen for the opposing team. Ranked games can be intense, frustrating, heartbreaking... but honestly, I think they're more often, exciting, rewarding and satisfying. Yeah, you might lose, but more so than ever, I feel like I'm losing because the other team deserved to win. I also feel like I'm winning more because my team and I are playing better. Sure ADC's are weaker, but that gives every other role a chance to shine! It's wonderful to see teams winning not because Draven got fed and can now one shot your whole team, but because they worked together... Amumu got that perfect stun, Sona got that well timed ult, Nasus stacked properly and annihilates towers. I just feel like this season is way more fun. I just wanted to make this post in response to all the 'Everyone is quitting because blah blah blah' posts I'm seeing lately. I think riot are doing a great job this season, and more so, I think we the player base deserve credit for being more friendly, efficient, and patient than we have been in a while. All this coming off of last season, where I left the game for months due to what I considered a high level of toxicity in a game I played to unwind and have a good time! It's good to be back, thanks to you guys, and thanks to Riot! Keep it up! TL;DR I like the game, I like riot, I like you! Good job and carry on!

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