Best jungler wins the game

At least in silver division, imho in a balanced match its the best jungler who win the game. I love to jungle when i want to relax, and i've seen many different outputs from my choices, starting from champ select: they dont have cc ---> i pick master yi and literally 1v9 the game, or i pick evelyn and even if i have good KDA we lose (cause eve is just horrible right now and i've played her since season 3), or i pick leona and bet everything on good setup for ganks and on teamfights. Jungling is pretty fun to me and very easy, u dont have to trade, u dont have to last-hit for cs, hell when i pick leona i dont even get counter-jungled ever... u just have to make clever decisions... Jungling is also very impactful on the game, a fed jungler can put pressure on every lane... i think it might be the best role to carry right now... i like to change role from time to time, but its really frustating to play with a bad jungler... i've seen 0/6/0 top-laners coming out just fine and being usefull in teamfight, under-farmed and brain-dead adc doing their work with proper engage and peel, but i've NEVER seen, in years of playing, a bad jungler doing something usefull in mid and late game, just feeding over and over again making dumb decisions. Most remarkable examples from the last week are a 0/10/0 Warwick and a 2/12/2 twitch that also left the game after flaming and raging everyone...... and i still dont understand how is it possible to feed as a jungler??? seriously, jungling is so important... and when i dont get the role at least 90% of my lost games are lost cause of a bad jungler...
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