Aatrox.. Who's that?

So, u know who Aatrox is? Good, since many players don't. And I don't blame them, cuz that champ is almost non-existant (think Yorick or Urgot). Let's start with base stats: his health at lvl 1 is 538, whereas a Yi has 599, or a Zed, who has 579, or Vi, who has 583.. Need I mention those 2 are assassin-ish champs (excluding Vi), and Aatrox is fighter/tank type. His health growth stat is kinda ok, but still low, since he has 1983 hp at 18, where Yi has 2163, and Zed has just 50 hp less than Aatrox. Off to armor, which is 1 of his, lets say, strenghts: he has 89 base armor at lvl 18, which is supposed 2 cover up the health deficit, but with current items, his armor gets penetrated fast. For comparison, Zed has 86.4 base armor at 18, cuz why not. Let's get on with the abilities, shall we? Passive, Blood Well: To shorten it for u, it gives Attack Speed based on how full the Blood Well is, and u fill it with ur health-cost abilities, and sort of a {{item:3026}} effect, draining the passive dry and converting that amount into hp+35% of full value, BUT Aatrox loses the bonus Attack Speed, which he needs for his damage/sustain.. I mean, it's ok to survive, but I'd like to have a weapon in my hands, so I can at least defend myself, if u know what I mean. Not too many times has he survived a battle with his passive, but just as much died after the heat. Not ok. Q, Dark Flight: After a brief delay, he leaps to a target location, dealing decent damage (250+60% bonus AD at rank 5), and knocking up every1 in the center for 1 sec. My thoughts: When u look at the numbers, it seems like decent damage, **if** you are building AD! Items like {{item:3153}} and {{item:1419}} don't give 2 much AD, and I've seen some builds containing {{item:3072}} , {{item:3074}} and {{item:1412}}, which make him squishy as a kiwi. Second of all, this ability is soooo inconsistent, being easily dodged or interrupted, and with it's high CD, you actually need some CC to land it correctly. Tho its not a single target spell, it can be used as both engage (huh) and escape, although if u use it to enter fights, u can't run. W, Blood Thirst/Price: Thirst lets u heal every third attack, triple the value if under 50% hp, and Price deals bonus damage every 3rd atk, but costs health. This ability is his core ability, making his sustain or damage in fights. The values are decent, with thirst having 25% bonus AD scaling, and Price having 100% bonus AD. What bothers me with this ability is, u want AS (attack speed) for this 2 be ur viable sustain/damage, but building such items makes u a squish earlier, and u need the def stats to actually do sth, since ur base stats in early game are pretty low for a fighter/tank. Not to mention {{champion:5}}'s W, which basicaly does both every third attack, and has an active, which gives him more attack speed.. YAY, u just made Aatrox look weak. Btw, why does Xin's W have AP ratio, and Aatrox' doesn't? E, Blades of Torment: A skillshot slow ability which passes through enemies, slowing and dealing damage. but converging at a point, becoming thiner and harder to hit at max distance (think {{champion:74}}'s rocket swarm, ending at the convergence point). This 1 is weird, but let's say it gives Aatrox a chance 2 catch up, poke or escape, even tho it's damn slow and hard to hit at max range. Overall, I have nothing 2 say about this ability, just that it's kinda awkward in his kit. R, Massacre: Deals magic damage around Aatrox, fills the passive by 20% for each enemy champ hit, and gives Aatrox bonus AS and Range. Lasts 15 secs. His ulti is gr8, fits in the kit right, has decent damage for an AoE ability, and a gr8 scaling (100% AP). But, do u, as Aatrox, want 2 use ur R right in the moment of a fight occuring, maximizing ur damage/sustain OR do u want 2 save it for when the enemies burst u down and u enter ur passive? It's confusing, and I guess it depends on the situation. I like 2 be safe rather than sorry, and go all out on enemies, so I don't really have 2 proc my passive. Also, good Aatrox players know how 2 keep their blood well filled, having max bonus atk speed from it and having a plan B for when the fights go wrong. Usually, the plan goes as planned: u enter passive, recover hp, try 2 hit anything around u like a thirsty vampire, and dying 2 secs after, cuz u had no AS to keep urself alive. Well, that's where the AS items kick in, giving u a second chance, along with {{item:3124}}, which actually makes difference, BUT, again, making u squishy and susceptible to CC, like a Yi. So, there's a lot of stuff I'd like 2 talk about here, like Items, runes and masteries, AND maybe BUFFS?? but not with myself.
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