What is the real meaning of skill?(my opinion)

Hello people, If you want to take part of this discussion,you must be prepared to accept the I'm actually seeing people debating about how riven/zed,lb etc(i don't care : D ) are "skilled". First of all,my main is Mordekaiser (I see this kind of comment coming:"brainless champ","noskill spam" etc.);still I enjoy playing other champs for time to time. But sometimes I see some discussions in this board and people say: "MY CHAMPPION is skilled,not yours..."(wich is a great mistake) I think people don't really know the real meaning of skill. I played CS,World of warcraft,dota 2 and much more!!(and i enjoy lol too so no flaming about wich one is the best, it's obvious that it's dota {{champion:48}} ( {{champion:35}} makes a better troll face)). for Counter strike,you need reflexes: no time to think,you aim ,you shoot or you're dead. In world of warcraft,there's coordination in arenas,the fights are more frantics,you must control the healer ,focus this one,pay attention about a control,dispell,fakecasting etc..(i don't play with maccros,they remove all the fun :p) In league of legend,you have your champion with 4 keys and after playing world of warcraft,i didn't find a champion who's hard to master.A few games are enough to master him and for that: Wich means there's nothing such as a "skilled " champ:{{champion:7}} is not skilled,{{champion:92}} is not skilled,{{champion:238}} is not skilled,{{champion:101}} is not skilled(he has skillshots but they're not that hard to use) etc.... ({{champion:82}} is not skilled,but he is badass :D ) So,what can you call skill in League of legend? Just as the other games,it's simply the capacity of analizing a situation that may occur suddenly or to prepare a plan for a battle:preparing ambushs,traps,secure objectives,warding(try to play chess without seeing the game,it's harder than you think). I'm writing this post because i'm sick of people saying they play "difficult " champs but they have tons of escape ({{champion:103}} ,{{champion:55}} huh!!,i didn't forget you <3) Of course,it's always easy to "outplay"(ahem) someone when you have a great mobility..(this behaviour is really pathetic) What i'm saying,if you think that these champions are skilled,you have to admit that champions without CC or Escape (and {{champion:82}} is the only one who doesn't have both :D ) are also skilled because you have to think more before trying to engage and if you fail,you just die. Remember,it's only 4 keys.Your map awareness and keeping your cool in complicated(or unexpected fights) are your best tools to beat your enemy! Sorry for the long post,i have no potatoes but take these Bonus: I didn't talk about dota 2 yet for three reasons: -I don't have the time to engage a debate about which is the best game because it's a stupid question. -actually,i'd the same thing about the notion of skills(maybe more keys to press but nothing really hard) -If you really think that your champion is skilled,just see the link right below,it's about INVOKER,wich is a champion from dota 2,is actually a skilled champion and the only one In these two MOBA ( if you want to take a look,here it is :) http://www.dotafire.com/dota-2/guide/in7-gankers-guide-to-invoker-1794 ) Have fun

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