The time has come for me to leave this game, its been great, so thanks all

Played since season 3, climbed from bronze V and peaked at plat 2. A true believer in the current MMR system being a good system. Players in the past few months seem to be more toxic than I've ever seen before, like marginally. It's making me tilt a LOT more, and enjoy this game a lot less. People seem like they're boosted or smurfing or boosting more than ever in really mismatched games whether I'm winning or losing. I do feel as if my skill contributes, but the seasons I hit plat I really felt games were close and whether I played well or not made a huge difference, these days it really is like rolling a dice, to a point where I play my one tricks and even though I play well, the game is just a stomp on a coin flip. I may return if the community improves or just play casually in arams or something, or if the integrity of this game improves in ranked play. Until then, cya for now. Hope you all have great games
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