Impossible to get S+ S or S- on Shaco without having a extremely good score.

Hi my name is Warpalypse. I am a shaco player on euw. I have played many games with him with wonderfull scores, lets take for example, 10/5/7 with 177 creeps joined in on baron and drakes got 4 towers. Finally done with the game and...{{summoner:3}} A+ . REALLY RIOT REALLY!{{summoner:11}} I legit believe the only way to get a S- on shaco is having a extremely good score(like 37/7/0 with 300 creeps) , whats kinda unfair. Some people get a S so easy. This is not the only time it happend. It happens all the damm time. Does it happen to other Shaco players too? very angry about it...{{champion:1}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}}
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