i need advice for assasins gameplay

I started this season after years of not playing maining supports from the lowest rank. i was climbing slowly i was bronze 3 almost bronze 2 then i lost 10 games on the row cause of unplayable games where all lanes were losing and i didnt have carry potential. so i thought to start playing real carries like midlaners and assasins. i try to learn diana now i carried the games that ive played but i have some issues. with supports my death ratio is pretty low. its surprising to die even 4 times as a support the whole game i had games where i had 1-2 deaths and many assists. so yeah im good support i think but imo from what i witnessed support is unplayable below gold rank.... cause no matter how well you peel ward or use your abilities in the end your carries must do the kills and carry you..... so yeah anyway about diana she is squishy and i die a lot any advices? no one tanks in bronze and even if they build tank no one starts the teamfight so every game i start the teamfight with diana i kill 1-2 and then they fight..... i dont mind the kda i know that in league all that matters is the win and with diana or other assasins i CAN carry the game so i have no excuse to lose but its annoying to die so much. like i kill someone they focus me 2 hits im dead lol.....
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