Jungle AFK farming too strong currently brainless role

An 0 1 0 unskilled Graves shouldnt be more fed than I am because he spent 20 minutes afk farming his jungle and getting 120CS at 20minutes whereas I am 10 0 from ganking and have less gold. Currently just afk farming the jungle gives about as much gold as hitting every lane minion till 20minutes I think its clear that this is ridiculous. Afk farming was always the easiest thing to do in is game requiring zero skill to execute and unfairly sending bad players too high an elo. I rage so hard if somebody who gets outjungled gives up on ganking and opts for the more profitable alternative. Not a lot of people are fully aware of this but ganking is actually bad most of the time 90% of cases afk farming is the best choice which takes all the skill from playing this role.

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