Hey, Riot, give us ARAM map skins!

I heard that story is awesome things like Bilgewater ARAM are supposed to be on/off seasonal things. Well the base (Howling Abyss) ARAM is a terrible, horrowing design that i wish no part of. I enjoyed the ARAM play during event, but i **vehemently** hate Howling Abyss. I don't know how it would hurt your product to have multiple skins for ARAM map choosable by players, but i for one would be far more willing to do few fun ARAM games if it meant I can do it on a map I enjoy and fits my fantasy. I would very much like to see some ARAM map skins like: a) volcanic version b) Tribal jungle version (areas where Vastaya dwell) c) catacombs version (maybe noxus' dungeons) d) current Bilgewater e) shuriman skin As long as players can choose the map skin they want, and not be forced into it depending on season. Also sorry if i already mentioned existing skins for ARAM, i've played it for first time y-day...least as far as i can remember.

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